Stain-X Pro Grout 32 oz Cleaner CS-81486

Stain-X Pro Grout 32 oz Cleaner CS-81486

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Cleans all types of grout - Floor, shower, counter-tops.


STAIN-X® Pro Grout Cleaner, unlike many general purpose cleaners, does not contain any 

aggressive acids, solvents, oils, or harsh caustic builders. In fact STAIN-X® Pro Grout Cleaner 

is totally non-toxic and odorless, yet it has the power to clean the dirtiest grout with ease.

STAIN-X® Pro Grout Cleaner is the easiest way to keep grout looking like the day it was 

installed.  STAIN-X® Pro requires no special handling or ventilation requirements.


• Non-acidic & odorless • Rinses clean with only water • No special handling required • Leaves no residue or build-up • Biodegradable and phosphate-free

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